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SEA Group’s Values

The values that are fundamental to the SEA Group Staffing Services’ success are as follows:

Our people are our vital resource. We value skill, knowledge, integrity, and commitment. We strive to provide an environment that attracts highly qualified personnel and that offers the satisfaction of working in a challenging and successful setting.

We are bound together as a team by trust, common goals, and mutual respect. We bring our individual talents together to provide the overall capabilities needed to serve our clients. We know that when the team wins we all win.

We exist to serve our clients. We exert every effort to provide services of superior quality, which are delivered on time and within budget. Our organization endeavors always to be prepared to respond quickly to whatever tasks our clients require of us. We treat assignments from clients as expressions of trust and we will not let our clients down.

Our aim is to complete successfully the objectives and work goals set forth by our clients. To do this, we believe that it is important to maintain focus on those goals along with the people and tools that permit us to achieve them. We strive to help them achieve improved performance and to contribute to jobs that are more secure, rewarding, and enjoyable.

We must achieve a reasonable level of profit to finance our growth, reward our team, and provide an appropriate return to the company. This requires that we consistently perform well for our clients and manage all activities and resources wisely.

Our Approach is Tied to Our Core Values

We Listen: Partnerships based and built upon trust, transparency and high touch

We are Affordable: Lean and efficient, we pass those savings to you.

We are Accountable: We are not “one and done”- We track performance and apply warranty remedies if “things” are not right

We Value Compliance: We adhere to vendor engagement models and processes to ensure success

We are Flexible: We operate in many modes including: Managed Services, Contract/Temp, Contract-to-hire, Direct Hire, on/off-site, on/off shore, multi-source, blended teams, SOW efforts.

Looking for a “Win Win”

SEA Group likes to say “YES”, but there are times when we do say “No”…

No Bench: We do not carry an expensive bench and pass that expense on to our customers. We value a cost effective approach for our clients and consultants.

No “Standard” Solution: We have relationships with several different business partners, guaranteeing that each solution will be tailored to our clients’ needs.

No Limits: We have our own significant consulting team database, but in today’s market it is just one of the many tools that we utilize. Our recruiters, who are among many things, sourcing experts, explore all avenues available including but not limited to LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, Dice, Ladders, Indeed etc. Information is everywhere and we know how to find it.

No Worries: We will try, and try again until we satisfy your requirements and help you meet your business objectives.